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July 2010

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Basics - Xanthippe Svanström’s work thus far—which fits loosely into the Fantasy/Science Fiction category, though tainted by a hue and flavour of murder mysteries from a bygone age—has appeared in zines and anthologies published by independent presses in the US, UK, and Norway. The Angel and The Reaper, her first novella, was self-produced and published in 2004, then re-released in 2008 via Also in 2008, the first instalment of her serialised novel Implement 13 saw light of day, albeit for a brief period; it is currently being reworked into a volume that includes material from early incarnations of books two and three. Miss Svanström illustrated The Angel and The Reaper as well as Implement 13, using traditional media (pen and ink).
    At the time of this writing (November 2012), she is living in Portland, Oregon of the Stateside Colonies with her beloved beau and five fantastic cats. She enjoys excursions into nature, 1930s fashion, music, and film, living the paradox of simultaneous multiplicity and infinite oneness, and playing at cards.

History - Origins? To quote a brusque but lovable sailor pal, 'You floated down out of the aethers.' A very fine compliment.

Credentials - None. Untrained, undisciplined, despises when her work begins to feel like work, which, oddly, only seems to happen in self-inflicted circumstances. During commissions she's all enthusiasm (?!). Otherwise, finds herself wandering aimlessly about the flat contemplating transparency of air. During the æon Miss Svanström spent as a hypersensitive eremite, she did read a number of books and articles on various topics, building a smelly and dusty library for her fella to lug in multi-tonne loads each time removing house. So, she does possess a self-driven education of sorts. Quite willing to admit to being a dilettante, and willing also to concede that her frankness regarding her lack of discipline does not make said lack acceptable, she—oh...! Never mind that.

Drawings, Sketches, Paintings, Writing, Odds and Sods -

Switching to first person, here... all the stuff I've had lying about is being scanned in progressively (yuss! I love the tangible stuff, haven't done anything properly digital in ages), and may be found in the Vortices for Viewing section. I've been drawing more lately, and doing some other strange things, things I imagine will appear in that section as well.

Pronunciation - People ask often about the pronunciation of my name. It is ZAN-thih-pee SWAHN-struhm. ZAN-theep, ZAN-thihpp, and swan-STORM are the commonest errors. I will answer to 'X' or 'Hey, prat!' as well, so have no worries.

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* Uno Mayson's Beginning the Occult Arts and Sciences - A one-book course on occultism I'm editing and illustrating. Fun stuff!

* Comic with Kippily Miller - A through-the-post round-robin (?) type of comic with my sweet and talented online chum Gish.

* Inamorata X - Anthology of poetry, short stories, and illustrations, many of which never before published. All, er, by me.


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