Past...Our players, in order of appearance...

Marion Faraday - Private investigator with a unique problem, singularly disagreeable personality, and (warranted) inclination to paranoia. American.

Stanley Kafziel - Proprietor of Stanley's Clocks, among other things. English.

Annalyn Avery - Energetic and eccentric of temperament, pale in hue (blonde waves, befreckled skim-milk skin, peridot eyes), rich in gold. Canadian.

Eliza McGillingham - Goddess in a tight black jumper and pencil skirt. Smoulders at the tongue. To tell the truth, she's only a goddess in the metaphorical sense (right?). As for smouldering at the tongue, she does smoke large quantities of cigarettes, and is often a bit harsh in her judgments. Cocktail waitress at La Pietra Bianca. American.

Sophie Castle - Retreating protagonist with a tendency towards fantasy in moments of tension. Sells books at Jack of the Book Trade with Mr Burge (whom you'll meet shortly). English.

Our protagonist.

Alice - Aviatrix extraordinaire, among other things. There is a peculiar quality to the way she speaks which will be addressed in future volumes. English.

Jack Burge - Seller of books, seemingly endless fount of knowledge. American.

Roy - Superintendent of Kimbeau Arms (apartment block). Indeterminate.

Albert Talbert - Occultist. I mean, former occultist—or perhaps I ought to say late: he's a ghost who turns up at séances and imparts information of dubious savour. Born in New Guinea, latterly American.

Frances Gwion - ...?

Montgomery Park - ...?

The Boy with Black Hair - ...?

The Deuteragonist/Other Protagonist - In the list above, best not titled as such just yet.

Places and things...

The City - A city rather than a town, but not a very large one. Bay to the southeast. Forest and farmland to the northwest. Largest, oldest neighbourhood is Oak Hill in the west, Grey's Addition between it and the bay. North and slightly east of Grey's Addition is Yard Dale, a poorly-zoned area near the rails and dirty industry (dodgy, to be avoided, plenty of car-breakers on dirtbikes, etc.). Lecric le Nairtè, the park in which the girls first meet, is located to the north, flanked by the forest and a winding neighbourhood of middling quality and mixed age. I'm not what one would call spatially orientated, so describing the layout of a city in an easily-visualised manner is probably not my strong suit. Rather a boring read for you, too, I expect. Sorry.

Aureus Investigations - Guess who works here?

Trio of standing stones - Three columns of what appears to be basalt arranged in either a triangle or a circle, depending on how you look at them. They are behind a low, crescent-shaped hill in Lecric le Nairtè.

Starlite Cove - Motel just off the old motorway where Eliza chooses to lodge upon arriving in The City.

Kimbeau Arms - Apartment block which happens to fall under the ownership of Alice the aviatrix. Located at the east edge of Oak Hill.

The Townhouse - The girls' living quarters. Two storeys, two bedrooms (Annalyn chose the dining room on the ground floor as her boudoir—the sideboard makes a spectacular dressing table), constructed of sand-hued brick and limestone, located in the western portion of Oak Hill (approximately twelve city blocks from Stan's). Landlords (King and Neal Westlake) live in an identical townhouse next door.

Stanley's Clocks - Clocks Shop in the Oak Hill neighbourhood of The City where most of the action in the Implement 13 series takes place, proprietor Stanley Kafziel. Sub-basement has unusual qualities. Located at 1 West Oak Street.

La Pietra Bianca - Austere, pompous, overpriced restaurant where Eliza works weekends, raking in obscene tips by faking delight at the groping and chatting up from drunken customers. On bad nights she cadges delicacies and expensive liquor to make up for her trouble.

Ford Trimotor - Alice's aeroplane, built 1933. Hint to those of you who've read Book One: Ford Trimotors do not have autopilot. The term autopilot encompasses a number of devices (going all the way back to 1912!), but in the sense that Alice could just get up and spend the rest of the flight lounging at the back of the plane? No, sir. It's not unlikely that she has something else up her sleeve.

Tiny key - Inch-long steel key found in a drawer of a writing desk (along with a blurred photograph and old newspaper cuttings) at Kimbeau Arms. Sophie would like to wear it as a pendant.

Flask - Always loaded with awful, smokey Scotch Whisky and kept in Eliza's coat (or bedside table, depending on where she is—I mean, wherever she is, it is).

Briar pipe - Purchased by Sophie from the antiques mall on the pier and smoked occasionally by same. Tobacco, not ganja—extra spaciness is the last thing Sophie needs.

Yo-Yo - Annalyn's toy, though she has a stupid habit of turning its string into a cat's cradle and getting it tangled up.


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