Past...So, here's the story, then...

Berättelse -

Book One: Three amnesiac girls are drawn to the same city by a strange dream. As they settle into their new home and try to work out the meaning of their connection, the otherwise unremarkable town offers up answers to questions they haven't asked. One of these answers comes in the guise of a clocks shop proprietor who seems to possess a great deal of insight into things beyond his trade.

Book Two: As the new year approaches, the girls continue their search, ever fighting the urge to look over their shoulders and into the past. Stanley Kafziel, seller of clocks, reveals a bit of the truth whilst concealing rather more. And the tall, dour, pewter-haired man who keeps turning up unexpectedly draws Sophie into the depths of the earth—and the edge of her own existence.

Book Three: The vacancy Death left behind him is filled by risk and desperation, with Sophie throwing caution to the wind, joining Marion at his firm. Stan's power over the moody detective gives rise to worry in the girls who'd called the clocks-seller mentor and guide. Meanwhile, amnesia begins to dissolve as Sophie, Annalyn, and Eliza's pasts return to claim them—is time playing tricks?


© Copyright 2011 by X. Svanström