11 November 2011 - Gallery, thanks to Zenphoto's security holes, is non-functional just now. You can see a new ink I did tonight still (could use some serious improvement, but at least it's something new) on the page that used to direct visitors to the gallery, which was called 'The Imagemongery'.

11 September 2011 - Added a 'small' ink of one of my 1930s-fashion designs for some lounging pyjamas to the inks section of the Imagemongery, and a sketch of myself reading in bed in the practise album. Enjoy!

1 September 2011 - Quite possibly the messiest ball-point sketch ever. And I just did it, minutes ago. Another 'and': quite possibly so terribly messy because I was overwhelmed with, er... passion? I know at last what the 'end' of the series is! I've always had a pretty good idea, but now the entire thing is bizarrely clear. Bizarrely. Yes. Well. The thing'll make no sense, but if you want to look at it, g'head to the Implement 13 Section of the Preliminary Sketches album; the image is called bk4end1.jpg (hover over thumbnail will probably say?). Right. Well. For whatever that is worth. All else? Very good. Using not only a physical corkboard but Scrivener. Helpful and recommended!

25 August 2011 - Another sketch deposited into The Imagemongery, this time in the 'Preliminary Sketches' -> 'Implement 13' album. This one is of Marion from one of the composition books. Talking of those books... I've also uploaded an entire page from one with chapter summaries and a couple thumbnail sketches of illustrations that never made it in. Same folder. Very weird. *a bit later* Ok, have added a couple of old watercolours to the 'In colour' album, as well as too many piccies of myself in the 'X Behind the X' album. Imagemongery. G'night.

17 August 2011 - Uploaded three more sketches into the 'practise' gallery of The Imagemongery.

01 August 2011 - Ditched my FB account, which is an odd yet liberating sensation. Oh yes, if one promotes oneself as an illustrator or writer, one is meant to have an FB... thingy. But I'm glad to be rid of it. Strangely enough, just after I'd nixed the noxious thing, Mr Gus had an essay example on a sample test for his last English class (in order that he should complete his degree) regarding the pros and cons of using social networking in education. Obviously, or maybe not, we're both cons. Dang--that didn't sound right! What I meant to say is that we're both opposed to its use in education. As the example essayist says at the start (paraphrasing) it (FB and the like) is built on US governmental (very likely UK and other political organisations as well) surveillance and corporate demographics. I am not being paranoid; this is a fact--look it up. I do not care about being 'surveilled', I mean, really, if 'they' want to find you, 'they' will find you and do what 'they' do. OK. That sounds extraordinarily paranoid--but how can it, really, coming from someone who doesn't give a flying fuck? To any of my online pals, thank you for caring enough to visit my proper site, and not a centralised, de-personalised, advert-saturated website. You may also ring or write to get an idea of what I'm up to lately. My apologies if you think I'm a cock (sort of). If you know me (even if for a week), and really, truly appreciate me as a person, you won't care how you make your contact. So there is x @ implement13 . com (subtract the spaces, of course), and after that, I'll be more than elated to have a chat over the ol' telephone lines (even though mine is technically a mobile); just ask for the number. Any road... at this moment I am re-heating some eats I made earlier, sewing a boudoir doll for a lovely online gal pal, as well as a lingerie/other-clothes sachet for another of the same. What am I, French? Er, yes, actually, in part. Catch you on the flip side.

26 July 2011 - Scanned in a small ink ('30s hat graphic), practise image (girl jumped over the moon), and a preliminary sketch (Implement 13, Sophie's nightmare--book two). Made French Onion soup (lacto-vegetarian) from scratch--very nice. Sometimes I think we ought to be running a restaurant.

23 June 2011 - After enjoying an episode of Telepathic TV as well as a fistful of spectacular YouTube videos, I'm now going through and transcribing yet another Implement 13 composition book. As I've mentioned before, I've a stack of them that reaches my knees! The one I'm going through right now is quite 'old' (2003 or so), and is loaded with sketches. It is shocking how much I used to draw in these ruled journals. Somehow I figured, 'Well, the pages are already covered in blue lines, what does it matter if my drawing looks crap?' A good mindset, because actually, many of them are better than satisfactory. Quantity improves quality. On another note, the cabernet we bought tonight is making the process especially smooth and nice, which is saying something: I'm not a wine fan (save port). Whisky's my drink, particularly a highland scotch. Any road, after hours of housewifery today, a mile run, yoga, stretching, and now some 'proper' work (play!), all's swell. Of course, even if I'd've sat on my arse or had a lie-in it'd still be fab. Cheers, everyone, may you and yours have a gorgeous one and forever.

9 April 2011 - Watching Monarchy: Series Two (documentary by David Starkey) on Netflix just now and wanted to look up Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward IV. She was very beautiful (haven't learnt anything else about her as I paused it, you'll see why in a minute), and it's somewhat difficult to say that about many portraited royals of the fifteenth century, and round about that time. Well. I did a jig on over to Google images and happened upon a spectacularly talented artist named Joanne Renaud who did a sketch of that very queen consort. Just a sketch and I knew she (Renaud) was something special indeed. Clicked about her deviantart gallery and then visited her proper site--fantastic stuff. So, yes, the update to-day is about my adding a link and watching tele--thrill a minute, eh? Really, though, you ought to have a look at her work. Enjoy. Many of her interests coincide with my own so perhaps I'll drop her a line. Anyway, pip-pip!

14 March 2011 - Yuss, progress. I'm alive in their world again, and they in mine.

06 December 2010 - Despite my having joined NaNoWriMo half-way through the month, due to the elsewards direction of my focus during those first two weeks, I am glad I did what I did. Which, judging by word-count only mightn't be considered very much. By my reckoning, however, I did a great deal indeed! Most important, most potent, was the discovery I made penning those few thousand words: yes--yes! I do still love writing.
    For the past year at least, I had been struggling against a weight that crushed and smothered and was fiendishly endowed with a semi-vocal hiss of taunts and lies. This behemoth had all but convinced me that there was nothing left in me to tell. No more magickal worlds, no more joy--none at all, in writing or otherwise. I loathed people. I never left the flat. Even watching good television began to depress me. Any amount of drink made me violently sick for days. Lazing in a fog for hours, slinking out from under the bedclothes for tea and an infrequent shower occupied the bulk of my existence. I had always been in the habit of keeping pretty fit, but now I began to fear bedsores.
    It has been my good fortune to have been a reader of self-improving literature all my life. And to have an unconditionally supportive fella at my side, as well as a gaggle of fantastic cats! It is a combination of the aforementioned three boons, and an, 'Oh, what the hell,' leap into the last fortnight of NaNoWriMo that has obliterated The Cruel Beast of Much Tonnage and Sorrow, and fairly brought me to my senses--senses which seem of a better quality than any I'd called my own before.
    Don't be mislead: neither the scourge nor the cure were beyond my power, ever. Existing within my awareness, they are me. Outside of my awareness, they cease to exist. I might've felt a sensation equally devastating yet completely different in nature. I might've re-discovered the love and brilliance suffusing all in my sphere by dancing about a heap of yak dung, and waving a rusted spatula festooned with walnuts. What matters is is that I'm here, in the words of The Boswell Sisters, 'Rarin' to Go!'

15 July 2009 - Vague summary has been replaced by more detail for books One, Two, and Three.

14 June 2009 - Added a few images linked from the contributions section of the About X page; a touch of Kaizen, if you will. Or if you won't. Or if I am. Watched Ladies of Leisure earlier. Damn you, Capra! Good stuff. Barbara Stanwyck presides royally over the infinite universe. The leading man had a bit o' Pat O'Brien in him, which was odd. Inserted two new outbound links as well: to Jon Carling (grand ink artist), and Telepathic TV (grand public access show, streaming online, free archives). All the swellest to ye!

29 April 2009 - For a few months now I've been disconcertedly kneading my beard, puffing on my pipe, rubbing my tweeds knobbly over the slight... iciness of this site. There's a more dynamic, colourful, and mysterious design I began working on a few years ago that I'm still keen to implement (no pun, hawdy haw), and now have acquired the software to do so easily. I've had it to the back teeth with coding by hand! Bah! So yes. Flashy (but not necessarily of the AdobeformerlyMacromedia variety) bits coming ASAP.

I'm in the process of formatting Book One for big wholesaler consumption. Apparently they're all very particular about sizes and margins and things, so... there you have it. But of course it's still available at lulu, only everyone lives at (including me), don't they? After I submit the 'properly' formatted version expect another six weeks of fingertip drumming before it reflects the splendour of Mr 'Honk-Honk' Bezo's empire. Whee! And good-night to you, loves.


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